i draw,sleep,drink tea, watch alot of movies, draw more, sleep

all things that give my eyes joy. and also bits of stuff my crazy hand draws
think thats about it....
the robed woman (2014) Iain Macarthur

the robed woman (2014) Iain Macarthur

New 2014 artwork , more coming soon.

Tonight work :)

Tonight work :)

Owl Face part 4. drawn in pigment pens on A2 size heavyweight paper.

Owl Part 4, A2, seriously going to take the whole night to finish :S why do i draw so tiny.

owl face part 1 and 2 A3 originals are still for sale.

email me for details: !!!

Collaboration pieces with photographer Ben Hopper. (2013)
artwork and other amazing art collaborations at the Stour space Gallery in Hackney wick. event is called ‘Giving Something Back’

1st piece :

Model: Gaffy Gaffiero

photographer: Ben Hopper

artist: Iain Macarthur

2nd piece:

Model: Vincent Littlehat

Photographer : Ben Hopper

Artist: Iain Macarthur